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Switch-A-Dish is a truly unique product.

Switch-A-Dish is a dinnerware system in which you can use the same basic plates all the time and change the look of them simply by changing the ring that sits in the rim of the plate. The plate itself is basic white but it comes with interchangeable rings designed with artwork denoting various holidays, seasons and events. So you can complete your holiday/occasion table with dishes to match without buying multiple sets. This system is designed to eventually include accessory pieces as well: Serving plates, bowls, candle holders, napkin rings & tablecloths.

Everyone loves to set their table to reflect the holiday season or occasion but they do not want or cannot afford many sets of dishes. This new system solves that problem. You can use the SAME dishes all the time and no one but you will ever know.

As time goes on, you can expand your ring collection and change your plates to suit your mood or your taste -- it’s like getting a new set of dishes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to update your plates every once in a while and make them look new? Well, now you can!!!

In addition to being practical, Switch-A-Dish is very functional. The rings simply lift out of the plates for easy switching and both plates and rings are dishwasher safe. They are also very affordable with a 20 piece set (four plates and 16 rings with 4 different looks) selling for only $49.95!!!

Everyone should make Switch-A-Dish a part of their lives because it makes perfect sense financially, socially & practically. You can save money, save time, save storage room all while making your home and your table looks beautiful and festive!!!

It’s not just for special occasions but will certainly make any occasion special!!!
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